GateGroups Are the Heart of the Church.  

Our purpose is simple- to start a conversation.  We have chosen to take our Sunday sermons and turn that monologue into a dialogue- a conversation.  Specific discussion questions are formed to help start and carry on these discussions and there is a great benefit to these discussions.  These discussions help us learn about God’s Word, ourselves and each other, all the time growing closer to Christ and connecting to one another on a new level.  Another benefit is that the body begins to grow healthier and become vibrant.  

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 The Heart

In a body, the heart circulates the blood throughout the entire body bringing life flow to the very extremities. If the heart is pumping properly, then the whole body receives that life flow.  

The same is true in the church body.  Our Pastor  may share his vision, goals, and plans on a Sunday morning but GateGroups brings that vision and plans to life. It puts us on the same page as well as allows that vision and goals to begin to circulate among the rest of the body which brings to life that vision.  GateGroups makes the body healthy.  Each GateGroup leader is given our yearly goals as a challenge on how we can each be a part of achieving our goals.

This breeds excitement as the whole church begins to share how individually and collectively they are helping achieve these goals and the blessings each receives from their efforts.  If you are not yet involved in a GateGroup plan on getting involved today.  Without this full circulation to the entire body, those not in the flow can become dry and ultimately disconnected.

Our Mission:  

is to carry out the Vision of The Gate through conversations that build healthy relationships in a safe environment using sermon-based scripture, prayer, and care.  

Conversations connect people together and our GateGroups are just that, a place for conversation.  These conversations foster healthy, loving, and even lifelong relationships.  We know that healthy relationships are key for solid growth and our connection philosophy at The Gate represents who we are and not just what we do.

Our Vision at The Gate is to take a person from the crowd into the core of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. This process begins with connecting to the people in the Crowd, bringing them into our Community and helping them find their place in our Congregation. This spiritual growth process continues to becoming the Committed and ultimately that Core of the Kingdom of Christ.

Our goal is to reach our community by being more than “just connected” to a congregation of people, but to “be the connection” for congregation who want to find purpose and live out their “Core of the Kingdom” walk.  We walk out these connections through conversations.

A person from the crowd is simply someone on the outside looking in who desires spiritual understanding or wants to find their purpose in life.  They include those who have attended our events or have received from our ministries but have not established a relationship with Christ or need to re-establish one. Our GateGroups is the place to connect and get started on your spiritual journey- the place to get plugged in.

The Community is comprised of those who have experienced The Gate ministries and seem to want more but only attend occasionally.  They are the curious, attracted or may even be connected to others at The Gate, but have not experienced true salvation or live a saving faith lifestyle.  GateGroups is the perfect opportunity to connect as they can ask questions to further their understanding and satisfy their curiosity.

The strength of GateGroups is the Congregation who are identified as those who have committed their life to Jesus, have partnered with The Gate, regularly attend the weekly services, are fully engaged in The Gate’s teaching and faithful financial support. They also serve as volunteers within the Church ministries.

The Committed are those within the Congregation who have moved into leadership within the Gate.  They are our ministry leaders and carry out the vision of The Gate and uphold its standard of belief.